Hi, my name is Teddi.  I am a wife and mommy of 2.  Step-mom of 1.  I love anything that makes me laugh.

I began my career as a nationally renowned Equestrian.  After having children I have decided to focus my time on motherhood, family and fitness.  After struggling to lose 80+ pounds after having my son, I am on a mission to get into the best shape of my life!  I also love motivating my friends and fellow moms with my daily workout reviews and constant harassment.

I can promise that no matter what I am writing about I will be completely blunt and honest.

If you want to reach me, please use my Contact page.  Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, would like encouragement or if you would like me to review something fitness related…xoxo 

me and the kiddosTeddi Mellencamp - 2Teddi Mellencamp - 1