Mom Life / Wife Life…

This morning I was cleaning the beach house and organizing before the summer renters check in when my husband asked me to go on a run with him. For a second I thought about how much work I had to do and how I didn’t have time to workout today. Then I thought to myself, think about how much more productive I will be after a quick run with my best friend. 45 minutes later I am showered, refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of my tasks and feel more connected to my hubs. It was also nice to be asked by him and I told him it made me feel good. With each year I am married I have learned a little more. Men like to be appreciated and told when they do things right. Great way to start my Monday and a nice reminder that we always can make a little time for each other and that little time is worth it and makes us both feel better and happier in the long run. 

Fitness makes your stronger physically and mentally…

I have always known that working out makes me feel better after I do it. I didn’t realize until today that is also makes you feel stronger when something starts to upset you. I woke up this morning and someone I care about did something that hurt my feelings. The old me would have wanted to curl up in my bed and cry. The new me put on my big girl panties, signed up for a class at prevail boxing gym and walked out the door.  After class I had a non emotional perspective and was able to respond without being emotional and weak. For that I am grateful that working out has made me stronger in many ways.  Exercise helps clear my mind and enables me to focus on what’s important. I will always remember my non negotiables when it comes to the people in my life but how I handle my emotions is starting to change.  If someone or something is getting you down. Change something. Go for a run, walk or a class. I can assure you it will give you some clarity. Oh, and a call to your bestie in route to workout to vent doesn’t hurt either. Have a great Tuesday all. Don’t let anyone or anything get you down. 💪🏼😀 Xoxox

Are you motivated or comparing yourself?

Social Media is great but can also be very dangerous. Since I have been writing my fitness reviews I have started following a lot of “fitspo” people. I saw that sometimes instead of looking at posts to get motivated I would look and get bummed out. “Why doesn’t my stomach look like hers”? “Why don’t I have a gap between my thighs?” “Why do I look so bulky and she looks so lean”?

I caught myself doing that and realized, it’s just not healthy. I made a decision that I wasn’t going to look at others fitness posts very often and when I did it would only be after I worked out. That way, I could look and feel motivated as opposed to trying to compare myself to them. Comparison leads to depression bc yes of course everyone’s social media looks great. 

Here is a couple things to remember if you find yourself going down the rabbit hole of “insta fit” posts…looking at someone else will NOT change you. Working out will. What works for some people may not work for you. Trust your instincts. Follow your body. We are not all the same. We are not all built like eachother and we aren’t going to transform just like the hot chick with amazing abs, a cute booty and slender arms. The only thing that will motivate you is your internal urge to want to be better, work harder and feel good. The superficial part of exercise to obtain a “perfect body” is fleeting. I have to constantly remind myself of that. 

Some days I feel great in my own skin and some days I don’t. However, I can feel positive regardless because I haven’t quit and I am out there 6 days a week sweating and busting my butt.  Maybe you aren’t like me and haven’t compared yourself to someone else…but, if you have. This is a friendly reminder that you are great and that if you are working the hardest you can that is all that matters. 

Being motivated is one thing. Comparison is another. Have a great Tuesday friends. Off to sweat garage. Xoxo

Commitment, what does it mean to you?

As I was trying to come up with excuses on why I couldn’t work out  this morning I went on to my ClassPass account…I saw that I had reached 200 classes in less than 6 months. In that moment I gave myself a good swift kick in the ass and signed up for spin this morning. Looking at that number reminded me of the commitment I made to myself. The commitment where I told myself I wasn’t going to make excuses. I was going to do my very best to be the best me and that it is going to be a lifelong commitment. I may have a lot of flaws but I am accountable to my word. 

Now as I sit in my car dripping sweat writing this post after I walk out of Cycle House. I feel great. I no longer feel like that lethargic complainer that didn’t feel she had time to take an hour to herself today. Such a good reminder to get out of my own head. Not to mention, in class Dougie continued to remind us that we have 19 days until summer!!!!

What the what?!!  Time flies. Have a great day my friends. ☺️ 

The Kardashians swear by waist trainers…do they even work????  Hmmm…

Ok peeps… So hear me out…I don’t believe in quick fixes and gimmicks…However, I do believe that sometimes in addition to healthy eating and exercise a product could POSSIBLY help. In order to test my theory @kissablecorsets sent me their Kissable Sport Slimming Belt to review. This is me day 1. I have flat abs but my natural torso shape is somewhat square and my #abs have hit a plateau. The company recommended I wear this a minimum of 2 hours a day for 30 days. So, that is exactly what I am going to do. I will do a “3 things you need to know” on this product approx 30 days from now. I am not a believer but I am for sure curious…tune back in to see. I will continue eating as healthy as I can and working out 6 days a week. Off to sign up for @classpass class that I will go to after I drop the kiddos at school. Ps. I can’t breathe in this thing. 

My Q & A with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson…

I am in a rush so this is going to be quick and I am not providing any fluff so please see below for my questions and his answers. They may hit home for you like they did me. 

Me: I workout 6+ times a week and eat reasonably healthy. Why do I feel like my body has hit a plateau. 

Gunnar: Do you sleep well?  That plays an important role. 

Me: No, I sleep terribly. 

Gunnar: I recommend reading PowerSleep. 

Me: I don’t even look up at him at this point bc I am 2 busy ordering the book. I need to get a handle on my sleep!!! Ahhh

Next question. 

Me: I find myself very hungry at night even after I finish dinner. 

Gunnar: Do you drink water?

Me: yeah, kinda. 

Gunnar: Do you drink cold or room temp water?

Me: cold with ice. 

Gunnar: cold water increases your appetite and room temp water fills you up. 

me: WTF!!!! Why has no one told me that? Assholes. No I didn’t actually say that but how did I not know this?  I fancy myself a fitness enthusiast yet I am clueless about cold water increasing my hunger. 

I hope that I can book a training session with him so I can keep learning more!Keep y’all posted. Off to drink some room temp water. 

Have you ever lost touch with a friend because life has led you in different directions?

Just something to think about…Not to totally dork out but working out is the perfect way to connect with old friends. Anne and I worked together at #caa 15 years ago and always had a blast together yet our lives led us in different directions and we lost touch. Now our lives are still different, I am married with kids and she is a newlywed yet we both still love to workout and laugh so we connect by motivating each other to be #accountable. If we would have tried to connect for dinner it would taken me months to schedule yet now that we plan our workouts together I see her once a week. Today was her first time @prevail_los_angeles w/ @coach_lolo and she killed it 👭

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To those of you who hate running…

I was reminded today how mental running is…I have been doing lots of yoga and pilates and kind of been avoiding running the last couple of weeks partially bc my groin has been hurting and partially bc I was feeling burnt out on it. Well, today I had no excuse and signed up for one of my old favorites sweat garage where half of the class is running. I started off at a snails pace kind of pissed to be there thinking about God knows what when the instructor looked at me and said “get out of your head” with a dramatic gesture. At that moment I realized, he was right. I was so busy coming up with excuses on why I didn’t want to push myself that I was kind of being lazy. This resonated with me and then I was running great numbers.  As much as we think we can’t do things. We can. Our bodies are amazing and the only thing stopping us from being our best selves is our minds. I was still able to win the race at the end of class not bc I was in the best shape but bc I wanted it the most. So the next time you are telling yourself you can’t, switch it to I can and see how that goes. 

Change takes time…sometimes more time than you want. 

#transformationtuesday *I always dreamed I would be one of those women who looked amazing weeks after having my kids. I mean my sister @justicemellencamp had flat abs 2 weeks after popping out her son. Well, clearly that was not the case for me after my 80 plus pound weight gain, IVF rounds, steroids and blood thinners it took to safely carry my son to term. I sobbed to my husband and even begged to get a tummy tuck bc I felt so bad about the way I looked instead of embracing what an amazing thing my body made. I went to a plastic surgeon looking the way I did at 9 months post baby and told her my plans with tears. She looked at me, held my hands and said “honey, you don’t need a tummy tuck, you need time, every woman is different. keep working hard and be loving to yourself and you will get there”. I left her office feeling determined and motivated. Now 10 months later (19 months post partum) I am not embarrassed to wear a bathing suit or let my husband see my body. I will always struggle with negative thoughts creeping in but I try so hard to remember to love myself and continue being proud that I work hard every day. The way I feel mentally from the exercise is even better than the physical changes. If you are feeling down on yourself, please remember, change doesn’t happen over night for most of us. #  

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